From the desk of Dada Saheb

An entrepreneur who looking his enterprise value at the grassroots level in their Organization is our real customer. We help them organizing organization. We mean as an entrepreneur; is individual, partners, promoter of the company, social organization, political party,  government company & institution working on object with a legal identity.

Interested & working for setting up New Business, Restructure Stress Business, working for Small Business Model in GAP area with value addition, Individuals looking platform having the talent and looking presence in society for mankind.

A Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Facilitator, M & A, Capital Sourcing, India Entry Strategy, Overseas Expansion, Advisory Etc. A substance for the next generation of great entrepreneurs to help them take risks, think big, work in the social sector with a commercial mindset, reduce inequality with a focus in own strength, migration from urban to rural and succeed.

Grassroots Enterprises experience, belief & way of working on seven capitals for the customer is used as canvas, colour & brush for painting a masterpiece. In this aspect, Individual or Incorporate Structure’s health is in the role of brush & Nature is as canvas & Humanity, Nation First, Socialism, Financial Value & Relation or Transaction capital will be used as the colour for a masterpiece as objective set by entrepreneur.

Grassroots Enterprises
Mumbai, India